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Bartlesvillia is my blog about Bartlesville, Oklahoma history. I have been researching this area for the past 12 years through hundreds of interviews with Bartlesville people. I have read each and every page of the Bartlesville newspapers, starting with the first 1895 Magnet paper, and going through each day of every decade, up through 1979. I am a photographer, and have been taking pictures of the Bartlesville area since 1972 with well over 100,000 photographs. I also have been collecting photos and paper memorabilia of the area for several years at estate sales, flea markets, and the internet. My first book, due out this year, is about the theaters of Bartlesville. It will be the most comprehensive book on the subject to date. I have amassed so much history, that I decided to create a blog for all of my extra projects. For the past 7 years I have been on facebook (Kathy Spears Hughes) for the purpose of publishing a photo essay of the Bartlesville area every day. When I first started, my essays would be several pictures a day, until I only had time to post one photo a day. My favorite areas to photograph are the west side and the downtown area, simply because that is where Bartlesville started, and has the most history. I seem to focus on the Caney River, the railroad, and the Mound most of the time!  Oh, I almost forgot to tell you about my sidekick, Gunner the Caney River Hound Dawg! He is a bull dog/dalmation mix, and we go on history expeditions every week. His greatest asset is his ability to sleuth, and he takes it very seriously. Our serious, and sometimes comical history adventures can be found on our facebook pages, and yes, he also has his own facebook page (Gunner Hound). Thanks for stopping by!  Kat & Gunner

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  1. I love the new “face” of your history book, Kathy. Thanks for continuing to let us read these from afar. Philip Culbertson (Seattle)

  2. I stumbled on your blog looking for info on Zesto! What a great blog. I’m looking forward to going back through your posts and reading the new ones. My wife Renee (Cooper) and I were both Bartians by birth and remained there until college. My dad was an architect there from somewhere in the 50’s until he had to lay down his pencils about 12-15 years ago. A lot of the homes, commerical buildings, schools and churches have his design. Renee’s mom and brother are still there. Her mom Barbara Herrington Lane’s parents established the Lazy H Western store and A to Z Furniture store, now Cooper-Herrington Furniture on S. Dewey. She is 83 but runs circles around me. She would be a fun walking encyclopedia for you if you ever have interest. She still works at the furniture store with Lee, Renee’s brother.

    We have the fondest memories of our childhoods in B-ville. Looking back, I think it was a nearly perfect place to grow up. I had no idea at the time. I think it was a better time.

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