The Mound

Bartlesvillia presents: The Mound


Many a month has come and gone Since I wandered from my home In those Oklahoma hills where I was born. Many a page of life has turned, Many a lesson I have learned; Well, I feel like in those hills I still belong.

‘Way down yonder in the Indian Nation Ridin’ my pony on the reservation, In those Oklahoma hills where I was born. Now, ‘way down yonder in the Indian Nation, A cowboy’s life is my occupation, In those Oklahoma hills where I was born.

But as I sit here today, Many miles I am away From a place I rode my pony through the draw, While the oak and blackjack trees Kiss the playful prairie breeze, In those Oklahoma hills where I was born.

Now as I turn life a page To the land of the great Osage In those Oklahoma hills where I was born, While the black oil it rolls and flows And the snow-white cotton grows In those Oklahoma hills where I was born.

The Mound is a hill that is located on the Washington County/Osage County line in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. The online dictionary defines a mound as a natural elevation, such as a small hill. The Mound stands 866 feet tall. It ranks as the 513th highest mountain in Oklahoma, and 58,997th highest mountain in the United States.  (Google:  Peakery)  Since February 8, 1955, the City of Bartlesville has had a water tank on top of the Mound. In 2010 the older double water tanks were replaced with a decorative water tank that lights up at night.  This blog will cover the history of the Mound with the subjects:

  • Airdome
  • Circus
  • Skating Rink
  • Grand Ole Opry show
  • Pioneer businesses around the Mound
  • Human Interest Stories
  • Fireworks shows
  • Sunset Country Club
  • Agape Mission
  • Airports
  • Historical periods
  • Gunner, the Caney River Hound Dawg runs the Mound
  • KAKC Radio and Zesto

“The county seat of Washington County, Bartlesville was Oklahoma’s first oil boomtown and a leading energy center of the twentieth century. Located in west-central Washington County, the city lies near the Washington-Osage county line, forty-seven miles north of Tulsa, and is crossed by U.S. Highways 60 and 75, State Highway 123, the South Kansas and Oklahoma Railroad, and the Caney River. In 2000 Bartlesville covered a land area of 21.105 square miles and had 34,748 residents, making it Washington County’s largest and most populous community.”  (Google, Oklahoma Historical Society)

Gunner Runs the Mound
Gunner Runs the Mound